Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 25: Back on Track

After a fairly unsatisfying cheat day, I am right back on track with my diet today and it feels great. Funny how after a day of eating too much not-so-great fare, my plain, wholesome, low-calorie food tasted extra fantastic today.

Instead of starting the day with my usual oatmeal, I was in a crazy rush this morning so I had this instead:A piece of toasted whole grain bread with almond butter. It was faster to prepare than oatmeal and we had to get out of the house fast in order to make it to my mum's house in a hurry. She agreed to babysit Baby Girl while I went for a run, but she herself had an appointment to keep later that morning so I had to shake a leg.

I had a great long run. That toast really held me over. And by the time I got home, I was ready for a real breakfast so I had this:My oats! But I fancied them up with a cup of cottage cheese (great addition to oatmeal, btw) and a crispy fuji apple. And of course I topped the works with LOTS of cinnamon. I was quite full after this meal.

I was planning on going to a yoga class in the afternoon. I put Baby Girl down for her nap and started getting ready to go. But then, this powerful wave of exhaustion washed over me and I proclaimed to Husband those famous last words, "I'm just going to close my eyes for 15 minutes. Wake me up if I fall asleep." Well, he did wake me up after 15 minutes as instructed, but by then I was a lost cause. I decided to skip the 2pm yoga class and go to the 4pm class instead. I just really needed a nap! Baby Girl had the right idea! So I had a delicious Sunday nap and it felt wonderful.

I woke up refreshed at 3pm and again, had every intention of going to yoga class. But somehow I got caught in a weird sort of alien time warp and next thing I knew it was 3:45 and I wasn't even dressed and there was no way I could have made it to class on time. So I missed yoga altogether today. Ah well. Baby Girl and I shared this snack:
My dad stopped by shortly thereafter to pick up his computer (which Husband was fixing for him). We decided to go downstairs to the coffee shop for a quick latte as neither one of us had our coffee for the day. I had an unpictured (forgot to bring my iPhone) tall non-fat decaf latte and it was good, although very bitter today.

I threw together an early dinner. Realizing that I hadn't really had any vegetables yet, I boiled some whole wheat pasta and made a sauce that I threw together out of red peppers, yellow peppers, onions, garlic and wilted spinach. I also added a little bit of jarred tomato sauce just to give it more of a sauce-like texture. Plus lots of italian seasoning.
It was pretty good, actually.

I even had enough calories leftover to enjoy this little treat after Baby Girl went to bed.
Nothing like a cuppa tea and my current favourite 100 calorie snack pack.

A perfect end to a lazy Sunday.


★ nic ★ said...

Your dinner looks really delicious!!!
Glad to read that your Plan works out good!!
And I might have to incorperate this CheatDay until I'm at my goal weight!! This might be perfect to keep my weekend (over)indulgentness at bay!!
I'll keep you informed! ;)
Have a good day and I hope Baby Girl will be better soon!! Hug n.

JavaChick said...

Sounds like you needed some sleep! There will be other yoga classes. :)