Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 13+14: Just a Regular Old Post with a Bonus Pep Talk at the Bottom

I couldn't get around to posting yesterday because I had a late yoga class. Actually, I have yoga classes at night all this week so hopefully I'll have time to keep up my blog during Baby Girl's nap time.

The weight update: I'm still teetering up and down, but down more than up (I think/hope) so I guess there is some slow progress happening there. Much slower than I'd like, mind you. I'm still in the 160's. I just keep hoping to dip into the 150's one of these mornings -- man oh man that will be a good day. Patience, patience.

The food front: I haven't been taking pics of all my meals, partly because I keep forgetting and partly because they're just not that interesting or pretty to look at. But I did manage to snap a shot of last night's dinner (except I only remembered half way through eating it).It was Jamaican jerk chicken, wild brown rice and steamed seasoned carrots. It turned out really good, except the chicken (which I bought pre-marinaded from Whole Foods) was not that flavourful. Didn't stop me from finishing every last bite though. Husband liked it too.

And I had to take photo of breaky this morning. It was my usual cinnamon oatmeal but I topped it with something very special - fresh raspberries and strawberries. A great combo. It hit the spot!

And lunch today (which I'm munching on right now as I type this) is just some of the leftover vegetarian chili I made with a slice of whole wheat toast.You can't tell by looking at it but man is it spicy! I'm kinda wishing I had enough calories to throw in some cheese and sour cream to cool down this bowl of fire.

The running run-down: It's raining today so I couldn't take Baby Girl to the park this morning (which means I couldn't run there and run back for a bit of exercise). Boo. We ended up taking the subway to the mall outside of town where they have a kid's play area. She loved it. I guess some days I'll just have to take mandatory breaks from running. I do have a 90 minute hot yoga class tonight which promises to be brutal, so I'm not feeling too guilty about it.


So here's something I've known all along but I've decided to verbalize right here and now: Failure is not an option. This is happening, I will lose this weight. It will probably take a long time and it will definitely be hard work. But I'm in this for the long haul. This is a promise I've made to myself and I will not break it. No way. I will succeed.

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