Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 2: Getting Into The Groove

Today was another good day.

I woke up to discover that I had already lost 2 pounds, which is great (and probably in no small part because of yesterdays starving session), but I'm not putting much of a stake in the loss. I'm only going to "officially" weigh myself once a week on the weekend so I can get an accurate picture of how the weight loss is going. It's too easy to get hung up on that little number, especially when it can change day by day and that change can be due to something as insignificant as an extra glass of water or a bowel movement.

I stayed really busy all morning which was a great distraction from eating. But when lunchtime rolled around, I was definitely ready to eat! I ended up using last night's leftover chicken - I chopped it up and mixed it with half a granny smith apple, some light mayo, and some Ingelhoffer stone ground mustard. This combo made an awesome chicken salad, which I paired with the other half of the apple.After lunch I went for a walk with my girlfriend and our babies, and it was then that I realized that I am SORE! I guess I'm starting to feel the burn from yesterday's run. But that didn't stop me from going again today. Because of my sore, stiff quads, today's run wasn't *quite* as much fun as yesterday's, but I still enjoyed it and it still felt good to get out there.

When I got home, I made a GIANT plate of stir-fried chicken breast and veggies (cauliflower, red pepper, onion, garlic, asparagus, mushroom and carrot) and actually felt full afterwards, for the first time since I started The Plan. I made rice for Husband and Baby Girl, but didn't eat any of it myself.And because of today's walk, run, and careful eating, I even had enough calories leftover to enjoy this tasty little snack with my green tea this evening, as I type this post:

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health savvy shopaholic said...

that chicken salad looks delicious :) congrats on making it through day 2!