Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 15: Two Weeks

It's official. I've completed TWO WEEKS on The Plan. I've followed my diet to the letter and I've exercised every day. I am very proud of myself.

And my hard work thus far was rewarded this morning by some really good news on the scale. I have dropped to the lowest weight I've been since I've started the plan. I'd love to hope that maybe I'm finally out of this weird up-and-down weight fluctuation/plateau thing that has been plaguing me lately, but I'm smarter than that. But I'll take this little accomplishment and keep it in my back pocket. I weighed exactly 160.0 today. I'm one-tenth of a pound away from finally getting out of the 160's!!

Cheat Day is coming the day after tomorrow and of course I'm already daydreaming about what I want to eat. Almond butter tops the list again so I think that will be incorporated into my breakfast. I've also been eyeing up that Pumpkin Pie Blizzard that Dairy Queen has been advertising recently. I don't know if I will go as far as to have one but oh wow do they look good.

My mum is having a family party on Sunday and I thought about using my Cheat Day then, but the main course is going to be a beef dish and since I don't eat beef, I figure it's not worth it to use a whole Cheat Day up just so I can eat side dishes. I'll just pack my lunch instead! And if anyone asks why I'm not eating, I'm just going to be honest and tell them that I am on a diet.

I've been really focused on exercise over the last couple of days. It's almost impossible not to be when I've been going to nightly yoga classes. It's a bit hard, but not because the yoga itself is difficult (although it can be pretty intense). It's more of a challenge for me because evening after Baby Girl goes to bed is my time, when I get to relax in front of the TV, blog, check email, surf the internet. I am missing my shows! But my health and fitness is definitely worth more than an episode of America's Next Top Model and I just keep telling myself - it's only 50 days. I can get through anything for 50 days.

Here's my lunch today!An open-faced herbed cream cheese and spinach sandwich with a side of bright, beautiful cherry tomatoes.

Mum is going to babysit Baby Girl so I can go for a run today. Nice!

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Mimi said...

See? Silly girl, the scale is the ultimate PMS queen. Congrats on your success!

Do you have an iPod? There are some Podcasts that give great tips for nutrition and fitness. The one I most recommend at the moment is Ask Leigh, Leigh Peele's personal podcast. She knows her stuff. Fat to Fit radio is another one, even though I don't agree with the "you must eat 5 meals a day" philosophy.