Friday, September 18, 2009

Runner Up

T minus 12 days until I start The Plan! Much to do! (Can you tell that I am the kind of person that needs to feel ridiculously prepared?)

When I used to run 8 years ago, I remember getting started by using Hal Higdon's Website. He has a great beginner training program that worked beautifully for me, and I'd like to employ it again.

Speaking of running, Husband surprised me this morning by going for a run himself! Anyone who knows my husband knows that he never runs unless chased. But this morning, he just went for it - and made it a whole mile and a half! I am seriously so proud of him right now. Proud and inspired. And happy! My own weight loss regime will be a lot easier with Husband doing his thing.

I just ate TWO Klondike Bars. Sick, right? I told Husband that I am allowing myself to indulge in anything and everything I love to eat for the next 12 days and I refuse to feel bad about it. I am living it up with no limits until midnight of September 30th.

I hear you, I know what you're saying, you think I'm being stupid and borderline detrimental to my health by going on what is essentially a two-week binge. Relax. I'm not being insane or anything, I'm just eating a some extra sweets here and there. And maybe some chips. Limits or no limits, I can only pig out so much.

And it's weird, every time I feel like I've indulged a wee bit too much, it seems to strengthen my resolve to get healthy and lose weight. Isn't that strange? The more I eat and couch, the more I want to cut back and get active. I am starting to crave the feeling of having a body that's treated like a temple and functions like a well oiled machine.

Anyway, Happy Friday all! This weekend, I'm going to buy my new water bottle, an iPod shuffle and we're going out for dinner at one of my favourite Italian restaurants!

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