Sunday, September 20, 2009


I was unpleasantly surprised to discover today that my biggest, fattest, fat pants actually fit me again. Uncool. But not undeserved. I have been hitting the sweets pretty hard over the last few weeks.
I am feeling oh so ready to get started on my plan. I am just feeling so bloated and flabby and yuck today. The next 10 days can't go by fast enough. Seriously.

And for that reason, I'm glad I'm doing it this way. Rather then starting right away like I usually do, and feeling unprepared and deprived, I am feeling totally willing and ready to start on my journey to get fit. Plus, I am truly exhausting my cravings for sweets; as I type this I am eating a peanut butter cookie sandwich (2 glorious peanut butter cookies sandwiched around even more glorious peanut butter creme) AND a vegan spelt brownie - both treats from Whole Foods. And while they are beyond delish, I am starting to feel like I've had my fill. Now, and in general. I just feel so... greasy. Heavy. Laden.

We are lucky to have a great community centre about half a block from our condo. Husband, Baby Girl and I popped in today because I wanted to find out what time the baby playgroup drop-ins happen. I discovered that our community centre offers a ton of 'baby and me' fitness and yoga classes! I think I'm going to check them out and add a couple of days of this to my workout schedule.

I am brimming with inspiration right now. And anticipation for what lies ahead. Time for a change.

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