Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I had a fun day today, a perfect way to spend the day before The Plan starts. Mum and I took the subway to the mall outside of town. They have a great play area there and Baby Girl had a blast playing with the other kids. Then we went and got some very greasy veggie burgers and fried zucchini sticks for lunch. So good.

On my way home, we popped into Whole Foods and I picked up the last thing I needed in the way of groceries: Some organic chicken breasts and some organic chicken and turkey sausages. I bought 8 boneless, skinless chicken breasts and asked to have them wrapped for the freezer in packs of 2. It worked out so well because when I got home I was able to just toss them right into the freezer without having to handle them. Same for the sausages (and WOW does Whole Foods have a million varieties!). In fact, I was told that meat freezes better in the paper anyway so it couldn't have been better or easier! And the whole thing cost less than $40 CDN. Not too bad considering that all the meat is organic and will feed 2 adults and 1 Baby Girl for two weeks.

I only have one thing left to do and that's to make an exercise playlist for my new iPod. I'll do that tonight while watching America's Next Top Model and eating my final indulgence - a Dairy Queen Blizzard. Oh, and my mum said she can watch Baby Girl while I go for my run tomorrow so the challenge of Husband having to work late has been successfully averted.

I'm also going to have Husband take those "Before" pics of me tonight (in a bathing suit, YES I am absolutely crazy) so I should have them up on this blog very soon, either later tonight or tomorrow.

I am so excited - and SO READY - to get started tomorrow, I feel like I'm counting the seconds. I am so tired of living like this, and so sick of lumbering around in this heavy body.

Tomorrow, everything changes. I am going to turn this mutha out. You watch.


★ nic ★ said...

You really inspired me to start something long needed!! :)
Good luck.... And I'll be reading how you're doing and am excited to read a lot more of you!! ;)
Hug n. ps: I'm so jealous that you live in Vancouver!! My second favorite city on this world (so far...!) ;)

JavaChick said...

Just stopping by to wish you luck! Sounds like you are ready!