Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 47 through 50: Dipped

I am so pleased to announce that my weight has officially dipped into the 140's. 149.5 to be exact. So proud!

I'm twenty pounds away from being the lowest weight I have been in my adult life and about twenty-six pounds away from my goal weight. I really am making progress and it feels great.

In the spirit of progress, I wanted to share with you some screenshots of my iPhone diet software (Lean Me Pro).

This one shows my projected vs. actual weight loss.

And this one shows my daily weigh-ins charted on a graph.

The Plan is working. And faster than I expected. I would love to keep up this momentum but I am fully aware that this may not happen; as I get smaller I suspect the weight loss will slow down by some factor. But I'm keeping hopes up that I will indeed reach my goal weight sooner than I originally planned!

I am loving the fact that my progress is seeming more and more real. At first, it was just the subjective "feeling better" and "pants fitting less snugly". Then there was a real change in the way my clothes fit, as well as a few compliments. Now I can say that I am officially down 15 pounds and there is no mistaking that I am losing weight.

Husband, Baby Girl and I will be attending a wedding in San Francisco in May next year and we've decided to make a mini-vacation out of it and stay for a week. The idea of traveling while being thin sounds fantastic. Especially in the Spring. The though of wearing cute vacation clothes, shopping in San Fran's little boutique stores, and just being active and having fun all around the city is sounding so exciting to me. Increases my motivation to keep going ten-fold. I have never once had a "thin" vacation. Sounds strange to consciously desire such a thing, but I do!


JavaChick said...

Congrats! I'm so impressed with your progress and determination. Your plan really seems to be working for you. :)

Mimi said...

Woohoo! Keep it up!